Weed Information and Identification C-D



Season: Summer Annual.

Stems: Woody.

Leaves: Sparse and rough texture.

Flowers: Numerous, small and yellow.


Carolina Falsedandelion

Season:Winter Annual or biennial.

Stems:6 inches to 2 feet tall.

Leaves: Basal or cut.

Flowers: Yellow.


Carolina Geranium

Season: Winter annual or biennial.

Stems: Smooth, erect and reddish.

Leaves: Deeply cut.

Flowers: Pink clusters.

Seeds: Long pointed seed pods.



Season: Summer annual.

Stems: Green and smooth. It branches along the ground in all directions forming flat mats.

Leaves: Smooth, tongue-shaped in clusters of 5 to 6 at each joint.

Flowers: Small and white.

Seeds: Orange-red.



Season: Summer Annual.

Stems: Hairy vine.

Leaves: Deeply cut. and variegated.

Flowers: Pale yellow producing a green melon.

Seeds:White to dark flattened.


Common Chickweed

Season: Winter Annual.

Stems: Branched and creeping.

Leaves: Small egg-shaped.

Flowers: Star-shaped and white.

Seeds: Pod. Seed is reddish-brown.


Common Cocklebur

Season: Summer Annual.

Stems: Woody 1 to 6 feet tall.

Leaves: Rough, hairy and dark to yellowish green.

Flowers: Pollen producing.

Seeds: Very hard covered with hooked spines. Toxic.


Common Lambsquarters

Season: Summer Annual.

Stems: Erect and often with red or light green lines. 1 to 6 feet tall.

Leaves: Grayish-green with ragged toothed edges.

Flowers: Small green.

Seeds: Shinny black.


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