Paper Wasp

Paper Wasps live in meadows, fields, gardens, and even near buildings.  They drink nectar and juices from crushed and rotting fruits.  Adults build paperlike hanging nest made of wood pulp and saliva.  Only the mated young queens survive the winter.  The rest of the colony die.

They tolerate humans better than hornets and yellow jackets so don't be in such a hurry to destroy them because they can be very fun to watch.

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This picture was taken directly after a rain shower.  The cells were filled with water so this hard worker would stick his head into the cell and suck out the water.

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After sucking the water out of the cell he would redeposit the water onto a nearby leaf.

wpeA.jpg (24869 bytes)

This one had a mouth full.

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The drops would form a puddle on the leaf and once it was heavy enough it would drop to the ground.

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If you move slowly and are gentle with them, they will return the favor to you.

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